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Between April and Nov, 2020, more than 11 600 voluntary, in participants who received two standard doses, vaccine efficacy was 62%, and in participants who received a low dose followed by a standard dose, efficacy was 90%. Around 08% of the volunteers in AstraZeneca’s studies were around 56 and 69 years old and 04% were above 70.

UK defends AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and UK government agencies have defended the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine’s efficacy after German health officials recommends against its use for over 65s.

A spokesperson for the British-Swedish company said in a statement: “The latest analyses of clinical trial data for the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine support efficacy in persons aged 65 years and older.

astrazeneca effective

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the Oxford coronavirus vaccine, which has already been widely used in Britain on older people. “Our own authorities have made it very clear that they think the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is very good and efficacious,” B.Johnson  said.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is expected to approve the vaccine for use in the EU on Friday (29th January).