Inexpensive and Practical

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Easy to store, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine approved this week by the British regulator and became the first major COVID vaccine candidate to publish peer-reviewed efficacy results specially from phase III. The AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine has the advantage of being inexpensive (around 3 Dollars per dose), It is the first vaccine whose efficacy results have been validated by a scientific journal. 

Peter Openshaw (Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London) said: “The interim results of clinical trials are impressive, we can use vaccination to prevent Coronavirus. The Astrazeneca/Oxford vaccine dosage was chosen as one that gives acceptable side effects and a half-dose starter dose is great news.

AstraZeneca vaccine technology

The AstraZeneca shot is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine”, This virus is genetically modified so it cannot cause an infection in people. the first viewing at the higher dose potentially generates sufficient response against the spike protein, producing memory cells and antibodies that will be able to recognize the Coronavirus.